My sheep are coming back

This weekend, I will be loading a trailer with my 20 ewes, and bringing them to a field less than 10 minutes walk from where I live. I haven’t had my flock with me since we moved away from Rutland 18 months ago (and massive thanks must go to ‘The Boss’, Wilfred, for looking after them during that time). Moving 2 and a half hours away from the ewes didn’t really seem like a big issue at the time. I didn’t even consider that I’d miss them as much as I have, I was busy at uni and was hardly involved with the house move, but 18 months later, I really am ready to be back with my sheep. I’ve worked so hard to get my flock started that taking an unplanned 18 months break from that was a lot more difficult than I’d ever imagined.
It sounds ridiculous, but I’ve actually cried over the frustration of not having my flock within a reasonable distance. Moving to a new area is hard, moving to a new area when you spend the majority of your time at uni is even harder, and moving to a new area where you know no-one and need grazing for 20 sheep is even harder than that. My sheep are more than just a hobby, but they’re also more than just a business. I’ve cried because at times all you really need in life is to go and sit in the field and watch your ewes chew their cud, but I’ve also cried because I’ve got such big plans and dreams that I want to achieve with my sheep, and it was impossible to even get started with those with 2 and a half hours between us.
So I’m exceptionally excited to finally be able to focus on improving my little flock. Increasing numbers, working on beginning to breed and perhaps show Pedigree Jacobs, focusing on breeding and genetics and the type of lamb I want my ewes to be producing. This is the sort of stuff that excites me (believe it or not!).
My flock will (hopefully) be around long after I’ve graduated uni, and the work and thought and money that I invest now will start to show and come to fruition as I leave uni and get on with life. So it’s always been important to me to make sure I’ve got the beginnings of a really sound flock of sheep for when I finish uni and can hopefully work even harder at growing my ovine empire. Now that my ewes will be close by, I can finally make a start on improving my flock and making it more of a business and less of a hobby. So excitement doesn’t even cover it. I know that I’ll be so much more content when I’ve got my sheep back in my care.

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