15 Lies Young Farmers Tell Their Parents

We’ve all been there, the parents are quizzing you about something you should, or maybe shouldn’t, have done. A little white lie never hurt anybody, especially if it keeps you out the dog house!

1.       I’ve never overdone it and passed out in my own chunder

2.      Not once has the farm pickup gone over 40mph with me behind the wheel

3.      Drinking spirits before 12pm is not something I’ve ever indulged in

4.      The same goes for passing out before 9pm

5.      I’ve never lied about how many acres/animals we’ve got to impress either sex at college/uni

6.      I check every field/shed you tell me to with the utmost care and attention

7.      Yes, I ate my 5 a day today

8.      Of course I’ve never flashed anyone whilst drunk

9.      I don’t know how the tail light on the trailer got smashed

10.   I really tried on that assignment, I don’t know why I’ve got such a rubbish mark!

11.    We just had a quiet pint or two

12.   I bought Nix’s pocketbook and that’s why I’m in my overdraft, not buying Jagerbombs for everyone stood at the bar

13.   I haven’t watched Netflix in weeks

14.   I think I might be on track for a 2:1

15.   I haven’t got any lectures today so I can definitely come home and help on the farm


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